A new player has entered the field. Barbarian Networks promises you premium hosting for your game, voice, web, and dedicated services.
Games Games
Minecraft, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, and many more game servers to choose from. Own your little place on the internet where you and your friends can play together!
Voice Voice
Instead of text, use voice! Get your clan/server reliable and stable voice chat starting from $1.50 a month!
Why not have both? With a dedicated game server, you have root/gui access to modify your server from the ground up! Our managed services team will assist you with customization, mods, you name it, we’ll try to help. Unmanaged servers benefit from a nice low price!


We support the most popular online multiplayer games on the PC platform.
We currently host the following games.. Don't see your game listed?
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Voice Servers

Get more into the game when you add voice!


Reliable Hardware Reliable Hardware
Monitored 24/7, 99.9% uptime, 10gbps network speeds, all this and more gives you peace of mind. We spare no cost to bring you amazing services.
Search Engine Optimisation Search Engine Optimisation
Get your game server website near the top of the charts, so everyone will know where to come!
Free Game Mods Free Game Mods
If you mod it, they will come. Especially if you can pack in all the mods you want, for free! Need help? We’re there!
24/ 7 Customer Care 24/ 7 Customer Care
World class customer service available 24/7. Our live chat and support ticket system will keep you in touch with us around the clock!
99% Up Time Guarantee 99% Up Time Guarantee
Downtime? Never. Well, almost never. But if there ever is, you can bet your buns we’ll compensate you for it!
Monthly Data Back Up Monthly Data Back Up
Our webservers are backed up monthly giving you reassurance against server failures or random explosions. We’ll get you back up and running in no time!

Server Locations

Get a server closest to you, keep that ping low!


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